The Halo amplifier products are a perfect match for DEQX and Tikandi based systems. The Halo amplifiers exhibit a wonderful openness, purity, detail and control that simply allows the best characteristics of the DEQX processor and Tikandi speakers to shine through.

A52 shown

Parasound design consultant John Curl has been a legend among audiophiles and electronic engineers for decades. John Curls says "The circuits I design for Parasound are extremely sophisticated and are typical of products that are far more expensive. I can't think of any other audio products that offer nearly as much bang for the buck."

Every part within the Halo product line is carefully chosen for its accuracy and reliability.

The power transformer in the Halo amplifiers employ multiple independent secondary windings so that each amplifier channel has its own power supply, assuring more than ample DC voltage at all times and under all conditions.

The input and driver stages employ pure Class A while the output stage operates with higher pure Class A power than many amplifiers selling for twice or three times the price. The result is less fatiguing, more natural sound. The A23/A52 offer exceptional value while the A21/A51 offer exceptional refinement. The output stage of the A21/A51 operates at roughly twice the class A power of the A23/A52.