The products from DEQX is where we started and is the heart and soul of our passion for active audio systems. The HDP-4 Preamp Processors well and truly take centre stage. The HDP-4 are stereo digital processors offering DEQX's patented speaker and room correction technology. The HDP-4 has the following inputs, digital: SPDIF (RCA, BNC, Toslink), AES/EBU (XLR) and analog: unbalanced (RCA), balanced (XLR). Standard analog outputs are single ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR). A USB audio connection can be added as an option.

When can demonstrate the following DEQX based configurations:

Please note that not all of these configurations are on permanent display but can be setup for demonstration when requested.

For a demonstration please contact Mark.

Phone: 0427 053 770


Please don't hesitate to contact us about a HDP-4/Express II package that meets your requirements.