The Tikandi speakers were designed from the ground up to integrate amplifiers and speakers through the DEQX HDP-4/3 to produce unparalleled fidelity to music as it was recorded.

The top module houses the low-distortion midrange and tweeter drivers. The midrange cone is made from an anodized Al/Mg alloy diaphragm that is extraordinarily light yet exceptionally strong and able to achieve vanishingly low distortion across its full range. The tweeter's ultra-strong ceramic and aluminium substrate composite dome achieves equally low distortion.

The lower base module has two 10-inch bass drivers capable of providing bass down to a low 20 Hz. The drivers are located in opposing faces of the cabinet in a bipolar configuration and essentially cancels cabinet vibration.

There are a number of amplifier options for the Tikandi's. Naturally we recomend Parasound Halo amps, ranging from a basic system utilizing four A23's to sonic bliss with four A21's. As four amps can be a bit imposing, a dual A51/A52 system can have a better WAF!

Please talk to us about our Tikandi System packages. You will not be disappointed!