The Marantz Reference Series is an outstanding line of products that truly deliver a high quality source signal for our DEQX based active systems. The Reference Series SACD players are built to last- just feel the weight of them which is more than many amplifiers. Don't be fooled, although they may be built tough, they can deliver the grace and poise for the most subtle of audio presentations. They are a perfect source addition to the Tikandi Systems.

We highly recommend the SA11-S2 SACD player especially when connected up to a fully balanced system such as the DEQX HDP-4 (or HDP-3 with the transformer balanced output option) and Parasound Halo amplifiers.

Alternatively, if you prefer a single ended (RCA) solution, you will not be disappointed with the SA15-S1... and enjoy the great value offered by this SACD player!

Of course, we are happy to supply the SA11-S2 SACD player in single ended systems we just feel that these systems don't allow the SA11-S2 reach it's full potential.