Welcome to the Active HiFi Systems web site and our passion for audio and home theatre. Let us help get the best possible result for your active speakers in an audio system by introducing you to DEQX technology and active speaker control. Most speakers can benefit from being driven actively and by including a DEQX HDP-4 often a spectacular improvement is achieved. 

If you are looking for a new "out of the box" system it is very hard to go past the true to life sound quality of the Legend Tikandi System. This is a purpose built active speaker system that has been designed specifically for the DEQX HDP-3/4 and they work beautifully together.

If you already have speakers, then nearly every system we come across is unique in some way with both strengths and weaknesses, but usually converting a passive speaker system to our recommended DEQX HDP-4/3 fully active system will improve instrument and vocal imaging, placement within the sound stage, mid range tone and warmth will seem more natural, bass will have a richness without the bloom and the highs will be crisp and fast.

To truly appreciate how good home theatre can be you have to experience the Majestic cinemascope Evolution3D screen. Let us sit you down for a demo and you will simply be amazed at how good home theatre can be.

Please contact Mark to book a demo.

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